Santa Monica

"The City of the Christmas Story"

Santa Monica has a history of hosting the fourteen life-size scenes that goes back to 1953.  The Palisades Park, also known as “the Bluffs” was donated to the city of Santa Monica by the family of Ysidro Reyes, who had previously been the Mayor of Santa Monica.  Since 1953, the Nativity Scenes have been erected to spread love in the community of Santa Monica and to attract people to the city.  Many residents don’t appreciate flood of people that come to Santa Monica today, but in 1953 more people would have been great for the community.  The chamber of commerce and local businesses agreed that the Nativity Scenes would bring families from all over Los Angeles, and would benefit local business.  After only a few years of the tradition, Santa Monica city council voted for the city to be known as the City of the Christmas Story.  Today we keep the tradition alive.